These are outcomes of the various projects we have run together with members and other partners. Hover over the images to get a brief description, click on the images to get to the publication.

EMPOWERMENT – a Guide for Facilitators

From one pro to another: practical tips and guidelines based on decades of experience as educator and facilitator.

Online Transformative Learning: an ongoing enquiry

A full report, including interviews and some outstanding research questions, from the project Online Transformative Learning.

Learning for Change

A practical approach to change management enabling a major shift in collaborative learning, that can be used for improving teamwork, for project assessment, and to take steps towards a 'learning organisation'.

Transformative Edge Competences

This book focuses on six major competences required to guide learners through a process leading to transformation.

Innertopia: Live your Power

A booklet of exercises for self-empowerment, downloadable in 11 languages. To do alone or with friends, or in a peer group.

Unlearning for a Thrivable Future: A draft compendium for educators

A practice-oriented compendium for designing and delivering adult education with a focus on sustainable development.

ESD Dialogues

Practical approaches to Education for Sustainable Development written by and for educators, drawing on extensive experience in both formal and non-formal education. Also available in Russian.

Food Action project – FAct!

A workbook in four sections for households wishing to take Food Action - to adopt more sustainable food habits. Also available in German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish.

Online Alchemy

Practical tips for making Transformative Learning work online.

A Transformative Edge

Knowledge, inspiration and experience for educators of adults, to add a transformative edge to your work and your course design. "If you only read one book about Transformative Learning, make it this one".

Sustainable Food Consumption

Intended primarily for researchers and educators, this report sheds light on food consumption patterns in several European countries, discusses behavioural issues, and proposes an international measuring system.

Food Action project – FAct!

A guide to helping others to join and benefit from the Food Action program. Also available in Spanish.