The Road to Sustainable Food Consumption

Development of a self-assesment tool and application in five countries

This book examines the issue of sustainable food consumption and presents findings on consumer behavior which might reveal the situation.

The first chapter relates sustainable food consumption and consumer behaviour. The aspects of sustainable food consumption, food waste and the theories that explain consumer food consumption behaviour are surveyed.

Chapter 2 propose a multi-national, self-assessment index, the Sustainable Consumption of Food Index (SCOFI), to measure sustainable food consumption behaviour.

Consumers’ sustainable food consumption behaviour is examined in Chapters 3 to 7 using SCOFI in Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Sweden, and Turkey. In these chapters, the authors develop some specific suggestion for each country.

Chapter 8 is designed to explain how SCOFI can be used effectively during the behaviour change process to promote more sustainable food choices.

Chapter 9 presents a synthesis for behaviour change and the use of transformative learning for designing a behaviour-change program to support more sustainable habits of food consumption.

Editors: Klaus G. Grunert, Zeki Atıl Bulut, Rainer Haas, Elena Horská,
Tuğba Uçma Uysal, Marilyn Mehlmann
Published: 2020, ISBN: 978-87-980308-3-6
Language: English
Pages: 121
Project: SusCoF