A Transformative Edge

Knowledge, Inspiration and Experiences for Educators of Adults
Practical approaches to education for sustainable development by and for educators.

Production of this book was designed as a participatory process which itself turned into a journey of transformation. Originally conceived as a modest compendium of methods and theories favoured by team members and some interviewees, the book – in only a few months – expanded into a 400+ page celebration of transformative learning with over 40 contributors, including leading practitioners and researchers.

The book has 4 main sections:

  • Competences: A summary of an earlier report in this project serves as an introduction.
  • Theories: 34 different theories and models.
  • Methods: 33 different methods.
  • Your own event: This section is intended to support development and delivery of a Transformative Learning event.

Editors: Ursel Biester & Marilyn Mehlmann

Design: Boris Goldammer & Suiko Betsy McCall

Published: 2020, ISBN: 978-3-9822033-0-0

Language: English

Pages: 426

Project: Building Capacity for Transformative Learning

“An encyclopedia of alternative, authentic and human centered learning, bursting with comprehensive choice tools and methods to nurture social and emotional constructivism through emphasizing the inter-action of people, knowledge, beliefs, values and experiences.”

Simon Kavanagh

Director, Kaospilot Learning Design Agency

“Transformative learning is a topic of critical importance to education in the “full world” of Anthropocene. A transformative Edge is a book for the Adult Education professional to dip into an unusual and inspiring mix of theory and praxis, of the professional and the personal, with perspectives supplied by 40 contributiong authors.”

Ernst-Ulrich von Weizsäcker