Learning for Change

It is possible to shift the pace of sustainability and CSR work by organizing learning in such a way that it maximises the use of experience. Participants bring their own case studies, systematically extracting new learning during the workshop. A toolbox builds a bridge between the workshop experience and everyday reality.

A half day (introduction) up to the full three-day workshop addressed primarily to leaders or managers of sustainability work. The methodology, called Learning for Change, offers an effective format for planning and evaluation meetings as well as providing a basis for credible sustainability reporting. Participants take home a toolbox for making the daily sustainability work more effective.

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The methodology builds on action research over 10 years with a focus on behaviour change in the context of sustainable development; and is today actively used by hundreds of previous workshop participants worldwide. The course documentation contains a summary of the workshop as implemented, as well as a digital book covering the methodology and theories.

The course is addressed to

Managers, key staff, project managers, and others who are passionate about sustainability and CSR.

Aims of the course

  • To provide knowledge about and insights into methods and theories that can improve sustainability work
  • To provide practical experience of the methods and tools, by applying them to the participants’ own case studies, thus building a bridge between the workshop environment and reality
  • To provide learning opportunities from each other’s case studies

Subject areas covered

Change theories and processes, empowerment, bare-foot coaching, collaborative learning, as well as techniques for communication, evaluation, prioritizing and effective meetings.