Clients | Type of work

World Resources Forum, Antwerp | UIA Panel and discussion

February 2019 | Consultants: Marilyn Mehlmann

Is there such a thing as waste?
Deep Dive Session 23 by UIA

“Waste is just a resource in the wrong place”

Good in principle, tough in practice. Keys:


Can industry- and business associations take a leading role in accelerating progress?

Pär Larshans, Ragn-Sells Waste Management International

Brigitte Dero, VinylPlus & European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers

Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) & Interface

Sergio Fernandez Casado, Knauf Spain

Foresight Competence/Futures workshops | Jönköping International Business School – JIBS

November 2018-2019 | Consultants: Marco Valente, Marilyn Mehlmann, Miriam Sannum, Alexander Mehlmann

During two days two groups of students were taken through the generic stages of futures work, leading into building a case study of the School itself and its possible futures.

The students were invited to try out several practical tools in the contexts of

  • Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, FSSD (The Natural Step)
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) | Effective, inclusive meetings

October 2018 | Consultants: Katrin Hauser, Marilyn Mehlmann

Introduce techniques to radically improve the client’s internal meetings culture, to be more inclusive, gender-neutral, and effective. Workshop, documentation, follow-up.

Knauf Spain | Sustainability Congress '30 Visions'

October 2018 | Consultant: Marilyn Mehlmann

As one of the ’30 visionaries’ interviewed in a book published by the client, contribute to a panel on ‘A Global Approach to Sustainability’.

Swiss Academic Association for Environmental Research, saguf | Expert input

September 2018 | Consultants: Katrin Hauser, Marilyn Mehlmann

At the annual retreat of saguf – Schweizerische Akademische Gesellschaft für Umweltforschung und Ökologie – participate and contribute with expert input to the deliberations of the Association concerning behaviour change and sustainable development.

Central Asia Regional Environment Centre, CAREC | Plenary lecture to Leadership Program

September 2018 | Consultants: Marilyn Mehlmann, Alexander Mehlmann, Marco Valente

Deliver a plenary presentation on Leadership and the Global Goals (SDGs) for the 9th annual Central Asian Leadership Program in Almaty.

ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences | Keynote BEHAVE 2018 Conference

September 2018 | Consultants: Marilyn Mehlmann, Katrin Hauser, Alexander Mehlmann

Deliver a keynote speech on Understanding and Influencing Energy-Related Behaviours, at the 5th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency in Zürich.

ETH Zürich | Learning for Change workshop

September 2018 | Consultants: Katrin Hauser, Marilyn Mehlmann

A brown bag lunch and afternoon session exploring Sustainable Leadership and Cultural Adaptation.
Client documentation.

Lunch session:
Basics of leadership Not a position in a hierarchy but a role that empowers others Key skills: listening, synthesis, forward-outward thinking, team-building, conflict handling
The skills challenge New models of leadership: servant, host, quantum, peer, catalytic, dolphin, liminal New ways of organizing work SDGs and the sustainability challenge

Afternoon session:
What can you learn from your own experience of leadership?
A series of exercises From Appreciative enquiry via Deep Listening to Intention
Theoretical background For instance: The nature of empowerment and change; Envisioning futures; Threshold effects and scaling; Different models of leadership; Group dynamics; Role and principles of coaching; The reasoning behind Open Innovation

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) | ESD proposal

May 2018 | Consultants: Marilyn Mehlmann, Olena Pometun

  1. Develop and deliver to the High-Level Commission a proposal concerning Education for Sustainable Development in schools.
  2. Deliver a report on results of a European Food Action pilot program.
Malmö University | Learning for Change workshop

April 2018 | Consultants: Marco Valente, Alexander Mehlmann, Marilyn Mehlmann, Nadia McLaren, Katrin Hauser

A 2-day experiential workshop and tool-kit for change-makers in business, civil society and academia.

Project partners | Subject areas

Legacy17 | Erasmus+ | Pushing the boundaries of online transformative learning

Start: September 2020 | Consultants: Jasenka Gojšić, Marilyn Mehlmann, Annika Piirimets

Legacy17 is the lead partner in this project that explores the possibilities and limitations of the combination of two increasingly central and demanded aspects of the educational landscape: transformative and online learning.

This exploratory project will produce guidelines for design and support for effective delivery of online transformative programs and learning events.



Visionautik e.V. & partners | Erasmus+ | Hosting Empowerment through education and training

Start: September 2020 | Consultants: Diego Galafassi, Marilyn Mehlmann, Annika Piirimets

With the objective of empowering the individual to shape society, this project focuses on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups as well as change makers, facilitators and social innovators. The project will produce and use empowering methods and products to support the need for transformation processes and active citizenship in Europe.

agado | Erasmus+ | Shifting eating patterns through education and training

Start: October 2019 | Consultants: Marilyn Mehlmann, Alexander Mehlmann

Partners: agado (Germany), GAP Netherlands, InEuropa (Italy), GAP Spain, GAP Ireland, Framtiden Norway, Legacy 17

Our food system is closely linked to urgent global challenges. Food production is a major contributor to climate change, a dominant driver of deforestation and biodiversity loss, and an significant cause of our increasingly scarce water resources.

A third of the food produced for human consumption is not consumed, but thrown away. At the same time, there are millions of people in the world who do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active life.

More and more people want to eat healthier and more climatefriendly food and do something about food waste. However, they often lack the necessary knowledge. Also, more and more meals are taken outside the home, where quick and simple solutions are preferred and less responsibility is taken for waste.

FoodTalks would like to address this issue and develop materials and actions to enable users and providers of outofhome catering to respond to the above challenges and make informed consumption choices.

DOKUZ EYLUL UNIVERSITESI | Erasmus+ | Increasing the Awareness of Sustainable Food Consumption Among Adults

Start: November 2018 | Consultants: Marilyn Mehlmann, Alexander Mehlmann

The aim of the project is to improve the awareness and positive behaviours of adults in the matter of sustainable consumption of foods. The project targets to examine the attitudes and behaviours of adults in sustainable consumption of foods in the countries of project partners.

Visionautic e.V & partners | Erasmus+ | Transformative learning

Start September 2018 | Consultants: Marilyn Mehlmann, Alexander Mehlmann, Marco Valente

Our target group are adult educators. Through the Train the Trainer curriculum which we develop they will acquire competences that enable them to teach in an innovative, inclusive and participative way. Their learners will achieve competences that are relevant for our today’s world and gain high quality skills.