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Legacy17 members carry a wide range of deep knowledge, skills and experience within the field of Sustainable Development and social responsibility, particularly in these areas:

  • Vision and strategy 
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Participation 
  • Collaborative learning
  • Facilitation
  • Peace-building

Legacy17 is in the business of working for the UN 17 Goals and Agenda 2030. If you are a practitioner and wish to hone or accelerate your work, there are a number of ways you can engage with us.

Enhance your work

Whether your initiative is ongoing or completed, the people doing the work hold the learning necessary to improve it, or to do better next time. We can help you extract and formulate this learning into concrete plans, using simple but effective methods and tools.

When you find yourself with a successful project and are looking for proven methods or people processes to scale up or scale out, engage with us. We can work with you in the project, act as consultants to the project or provide process support and mentoring.

When you plan an event, we can offer speakers and facilitators who will help you raise your ambitions – and maybe surpass them, by bringing out the best in your participants.

Professional development

Take a longer view to tap the expertise of our leading-edge members. We can tailor a program to your needs. From time to time we also offer open events, which are publicized on our events page. Below are some examples of courses and workshops.

Learning for Change

The outcome of a decade of action research and of events with hundreds of participants from over 40 countries, the Learning for Change methodology can put you and your organization on an (even) faster learning curve. Finally, the ‘learning organization’ is more than just a phrase.

Facilitation master class

Hone your facilitation and coaching skills in the company of peers. The focus may be on

  • General facilitation and/or coaching skills
  • Facilitating a meeting building on a specific method, eg Synergy, Open Space Technology, the Art of Hosting, the Social Diffusion Game…
  • Facilitating a process usually encompassing several meetings, eg Enspirited Envisioning, Community engagement, Employee engagement, Lifestyle choice…

Leadership and change management

There are many institutions offering leadership and management courses with a focus on sustainable development, social innovation, and social responsibility. Explore with us how further honing your ‘people skills’ can significantly improve your success rate.

Contextual adaptation

You have located a successful program or set of SD-related materials designed for another language and context, and wish to adapt and adopt them with cultural sensitivity. The adaptation program can take you through the steps that will enable your adapted program to be at least as successful as the original.

Effective meetings

‘Oh no, not another meeting!’ Sounds familiar? It doesn’t have to be like that: a meeting can be both enjoyable and effective – given the choice of appropriate methods. Starting from participants’ own meeting experience and situation, we explore improvement options.

Assessing funding proposals

Funders can engage us in assessing the potential impact of SDG-related and Agenda 2030-related funding proposals, in particular as they relate to participatory processes and behaviour change.

We’re open for business!

Find members close to you or touching your subject area in the People button in the sidebar. Or contact us here.


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