The more I meet members of the Legacy17 community, the more I want to work with all of them

Our monthly meetings are like gathering round the camp fire.

A rare experience: not an argument or even a debate but a conversation

The Legacy17 community is a cooperative association, co-owned by seasoned and passionate sustainability practitioners. Our members are currently based in 14 countries on four continents. We continue to learn together and join forces in projects.

Our focus and expertise is on the skills needed, and so often neglected, to realise the SDGs and IDGs.

We call them People Skills

Amit Paul

Community member in focus

Every now and then we focus on a community member. You can learn about Amit Paul on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Words from our community members


Marcus Bussey speaks on Re-Balancing

How to get engaged

Learn more about how to engage with our community and how to work with us. Or just drop us a line.

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Engage with us

How can I work with you?

Project partner
We regularly partner in international projects, many of them EU-funded

Joint events
We are happy to engage with others to co-host webinars as well as online, and hybrid or blended workshops

We can propose highly skilled and experienced people for specific tasks, for instance event facilitation, design and evaluation of change processes, design and documentation of behaviour-change programs

What events or workshops can I join?

We host and co-host online Communities of Practice (CoPs) [do we have something relatively stable to link to?]

How do I become a member?

New members are nominated by one or more existing members. If you don’t yet know any of us but would like to, try joining a CoP or other event [do we have something relatively stable to link to?].

Our focus is on

    • People skills, transformative action, action research
    • Regeneration/transformation of food systems, education, economics
    • Towards Agenda2030 and beyond

Drop us a line

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