Workshop plus Online Sessions

The workshop will be followed by practical implementation and experimentation. You will further be supported by three online sessions at dates to be determined.

* Are you and your team embarked on an ongoing learning journey? 

* Do you dream of an organisation that learns and continues to learn and improve – even after the people who ‘went on a course’ may have moved on?

Our source: A method for effective learning from experience: Learning for Change, tried and tested in over 40 countries.

An added twist: We have found that clients making systematic use of this method have transformed their workplaces into learning organisations, which consistently raise ambitions and performance regardless of staff turnover.

This LEAD to LEARN course initiates you into the method, and equips you to become the facilitator and catalyst for transformation in the learning organisation of your dreams.

The course is hosted by Andre Benaim & Marilyn Mehlmann.

The fees cover the workshop in Lund, 5-7 May, as well as three online follow-up meetings.

Since this is a pilot course, the full fee is only 950 € plus VAT
If you belong to an organisation that would like to send more than one participant, talk to us about discounts.

For private participants, students etc. the price is further reduced to 550 € including VAT

An invoice will be issued upon registration for payment within 30 days or by 15 April, whichever comes first. Cancellations by 20 April will be refunded.

If you cannot pay 550 € but want to attend: register interest. When we have a minimum number of paying participants to cover our costs, we’ll get back to you. Hint: if you bring in paying participants, you’ll move up the priority list!

André Benaim

Andre Benaim, host

Marilyn Mehlmann

Marilyn Mehlmann, host