Online Transformative Learning

An ongoing enquiry



Yes, transformative learning works online

The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a kind of pressure cooker, forcing many educators to rapidly adapt, learn, and innovate online praxis: learning by doing. We made plenty of mistakes, but some of the results are outstanding and the mistakes led to new insights. We begin to see and imagine ways of working online that are as good as or even superior to face-to-face work, including when the aim is to support transformative learning.

At the same time, the beneficial aspects of face-to-face learning were also thrown into relief by the pandemic. Many people have been reporting feeling relief and liberation when physical meetings were permitted again, and disappointment or even annoyance when forced to go back online again due to a new wave of the pandemic.

So will we go back? Or forward? The jury is still out.

Authors: Boris Goldammer, Jutta Goldammer, Elisabeth Hofmann, Ingrid Mulà, Annika Piirimets, Anne B. Zimmermann
Coordinating Editor: Marilyn Mehlmann, with Mario Diethart, Jasenka Gojsic
Published: 2022
Language: English
Pages: 84
Project: Online Transformative Learning