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Change Management for Sustainability

Learning for Change
Legacy17 consultants: Katrin Hauser, Marco Valente, Marilyn Mehlmann, Miriam Sannum

What is it?
The driving force behind the concept of Learning for Change is the perceived need to accelerate the building of sustainable human societies. The process is intended to facilitate learning from experience, as applied to all aspects of sustainable development.

How is it used?
Collaborative Learning, gathering people from different backgrounds, each bringing a real-life example from which all can learn; 2-3 days.
Project Assessment, bringing together stakeholders from a single project, department or team; usually 1 day.

Conferences: Part or whole of a conference can be designed to maximize exchange of experience between participants, using the Learning for Change methodology.

Long-term, long-distance collaboration:
We are experimenting with an internet-based version of Learning for Change to support on-going exchange of experience between partners in long-term cooperation projects.

Pedagogy: At least one school has begun using Learning for Change as a basic pedagogy on which to base the work of the school, with all staff and all pupils engaged in an on-going collaborative learning process.

Facilitation training: Something about that…

The book is available as an Apple iBook and as a pdf. Part 1 comprises a summary of the process, while Part 2 documents the individual methods and tools used. Some of the models and theories are summarized in Part 3. Contact us to get the book.

Team Building
Consultants | Katrin Hauser, Thomas Herrmann, Alexander Mehlmann, Marilyn Mehlmann, Olena Pometun, Anna Rosengren, Anna Tengqvist

Approach | We believe that teams are most effectively built in a real-life context, working on actual concerns or ambitions. Services are tailored from a one-day workshop to long-term facilitation and coaching.

Meetings culture | Build an inclusive and collaborative workplace culture by shifting the ways of conducting meetings.

Ethics | Effective teams have explicit and generally shared values.

Visions, ambitions and objectives | Team exercises can swiftly clarify project or program objectives and success criteria.


Project Management
Design of Behaviour Programs
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Coaching & Facilitation

Individual and Group Coaching
Coach Training
Event Design and Facilitation
Open Space Technology
Lectures & Seminars
People to People Connections
Curriculum Design