Legacy17 integrity policy

We collect and store only the personal information required to provide services connected to being a member, course participant, other user of our services or to be able to answer queries.

We store contact information (name, addresses, phone numbers) and for board members, dates of birth and Swedish personal numbers.

The data is used to contact members regarding member meetings and other information about the association. Course participants can expect to have their information used for receiving relevant information, reminders and feedback about the course or event to which they have applied, as well as other information about the association.

By becoming a member you consent to storing and using personal information as described above. Course participants give their consent in the registration form.

The information is kept confidential and is never passed on to third parties.

We save personal information up to three years after the project to which the course belongs, has ended.

Personal information stored by Legacy17 can be taken part of, deleted and/or updated upon request by that individual.

Data protection officer: alexander@legacy17.org