To quit

To ask for help

To speak in public      

To shave my head

To talk to strangers

To start my own business

To sing in front of other people


What do you dare now, that you didn’t, before?


What made the difference?


We all have power – within us! In this project we showcase stories that shine a light on what empowers us.

We believe that we can empower each other with our stories.

We are a group of educators and facilitators from Germany, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Austria and Portugal. Our work is about empowering and supporting individuals and communities to actively shape society towards a more humane, joyful and sustainable world. We explore how to create conditions that strengthen courage, self-confidence and action competence, curating, testing and honing methods and pathways with proven results.

Together we have cooperated in a multinational project about empowerment: Hosting Empowerment, funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. As part of the project, we have launched a campaign that invites everyone to tell their story and celebrate their source of power and strength. The stories are gathered on the YouTube channel Live Your Power.

Share your story and inspire others!

The storytelling doesn’t end here. We invite you to help continue spread inspiring stories, by sharing your own. Record a video snippet in the language of your choice, in which you answer the following:

What do you dare to do now/today, that you didn’t in the past? What made the difference?

No matter whether if it’s something momentous, or ‘just’ a really small step in your daily life: we’d love to hear from you. Your contribution will be included in the Live Your Power playlist add to the knowledge of what empowers us. 

Want to have a go at it? Follow this link.

Thank you!

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Producer is the Hosting Empowerment project

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Co-producer: Artist and Visionaut Boris Goldammer, Visionautik Akademie, Germany

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Co-producer: Researcher and Facilitator Filipe Moreira Alves, Biovilla, Portugal

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