Project updates


October 2023 – May 2024

In the autumn of 2023 Legacy 17 together with partners from Lund University represented by LUCSUS och IIIEE (Sweden), One Resilient Earth (Germany), Climate Creativity (Norway), The Vision Works (Germany) The REAL School Budapest (Hungary) together embarked on a journey towards CLARITY, in an Erasmus+ project. The aim of CLARITY is to improve the skills of teachers and other educators in dealing with climate anxiety to increase students’ climate resilience as well as support a transformative approach to addressing climate change by focusing on transformative competences and skills. In this project we once more get the opportunity to work help develop and or highlight already existing transformative tools in new contexts.


The CLARITY project seems to be right in time in Sweden as the Swedish National Radio noted the fact that since the beginning of April 2024, Vårdguiden 1177 – the Swedish national health advice webpage has been drawing attention to the need of support of climate anxiety through an advisory text. This news was framed by a short and interesting interview where Jura Augustinavicius, from McGill University in Canada, describes how climate anxiety can be divided in to three categories. First, experience of acute climate change anxiety when directly exposed to storms and fires caused by climate change.  Slower climate changes i.e., rise in sea water levels and rising temperatures is the cause of the second category of climate anxiety. The third category of climate anxiety is caused by future changes in the climate. This raises questions of justice and may be expressed in climate related emotions like sadness, frustration, and anger. All these categories, but especially the third, are addressed by CLARITY.


A literature study and an adapted framework linking the capacities and skills identified in the EU Green Comp to the need of transformative education for supporting teachers and students with climate anxiety has so far been carried out. Next step is to co-create a toolbox and teacher training. The learning journeys in the toolbox of this project will be based on four words which are visualized in the project logo:

The CLARITY Framework – Compentences needed in the classroom: