For decades now, many of us have been doing great work for sustainable development – even before the phrase was coined. And in that same time, the way we humans behave has overall become steadily LESS sustainable.

Clearly, we need to do something different… 

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It’s not good enough to do ‘less worse’. We need to restore the damage done to our life-support systems and social fabric, while charting a course to new and attractive futures. The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a start. Legacy17 contributes process knowledge and skills: curating the best ways to achieve high impact for Agenda 2030 and beyond.

Are you a practitioner of sustainable development or CSR? We can help you achieve (even) better results. We are international, cross-cultural and transdisciplinary, with a focus on professional development, leadership, and social marketing, and a common base in action learning and action research.

We also cooperate with universities as one way to make outstanding methods, tools and people-skills more readily available; as well as opening opportunities for research to further improve them.


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