“I found this workbook encouraging — like a warm blanket for myself. It was easy to follow and inspires hope!”

— Denise Engström, social services, Sweden

“This work is just so necessary now... for all of us!”

— Giulia Sonetti, researcher, Spain

“I personally find your work extremely helpful and will greatly assist patients who suffer from internalised stigma. These exercises can be effective for people who want to regain their self-esteem, life plans or simply find themselves and think about their future.”

— Dominique Dürrer, medical doctor, Switzerland

“Beautiful, full of good exercises!”

– Eva Szekeres, executive coach, USA

“The exercises were like hints that helped me find answers to tough questions.”

— Muna Nagash, architect, Sweden

Download freely workbooks to print:


Croatian printable workbook coming soon

Dutch printable workbook coming soon

English printable workbook

French printable workbook

German printable workbook

Hungarian printable workbook

Italian printable workbook coming soon

Portuguese printable workbook

Spanish printable workbook

Swedish printable workbook

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Download freely workbooks to fill out and save on your computer:

 Croatian fillable workbook coming soon

Dutch fillable workbook

English fillable workbook

French fillable workbook coming soon

German fillable workbook

Hungarian fillable workbook

Italian fillable workbook coming soon

Portuguese fillable workbook coming soon

Spanish fillable workbook coming soon

Swedish fillable workbook

Ukrainian fillable workbook