the transformation academy

Our projects afford many learning opportunities for both professionals and activists. We are working to offer long-term programs designed to ease the transition to a new, more sustainable world; preliminarily under three main themes:

The Academy is a work in progress. You can already sign up, at the bottom of the page, for information about specific courses planned for 2024. Additional questions or thoughts you may have about the emerging Transformation Academy are also very welcome.


Lead for Change
A blended program: one face-to-face event in Sweden and 2-3 online sessions
Hosted by Andre Benaim, Marilyn Mehlmann and Stanley Nyoni.
Course material includes Learning for Change


✴ Facilitation Master Class
Hosted by Marilyn Mehlmann and Marco Valente.
A blended program: one face-to-face event in Sweden, 3 online sessions
Course material: Facilitation Guidebook, Empowerment

✴ Still Cool
Self-care and empowerment for youth activists.
A face-to-face event in Sweden.
Hosted by Diego Galafassi and Marilyn Mehlmann.
Course material: Innertopia

Supporting skills

Words Matter
Self-study course on writing text that empowers others to take action.
Coached by Annika Piirimets.

Active English
Intensives focused on the vocabulary of transformation.
Hosted by Lonny Gold.

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